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When you shop for something on the internet, one of the first things you want to know is the cost. So, truly, those of us at New Season wish we could give you a definite answer.  The problem is that every move is so unique.  The number and type of services required varies drastically.  The number of rooms to pack, the amount of cleaning to be done, the scope of shipping, selling and donating unwanted get the idea.  The best thing we can recommend is that you schedule a FREE, NO OBLIGATION home consultation where we can discuss your needs and budget.


What we can tell you is that we charge in a range of $30 - $85 an hour for packing and unpacking, depending on the size of the crew we bring.


You will receive a written estimate with no hidden charges.  We will give you a clear description of exactly what we will do, what materials we will provide and what insurance coverage we carry.  Fees from partner services will also be clearly disclosed for your review and approval.


It is our mission to make sure you feel comfortable and satisfied with every decision made regarding your personalized job.

  • By using a Move Manager, all your needs are being handled by one service provider.  You do not have to meet separate minimum charges from multiple services.


  • We offer competitive hourly labor rates.


  • Through our professional resources, we are often able to access free or discounted services that you would not otherwise find.


  • Transitioning older adults often has challenging issues that must be dealt with.  A trained, Senior Move Manager is able to deal with those issues effectively and with compassion so the move can be completed in a smooth and positive manner.



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